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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Requirements elicitation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Requirements elicitation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In requirements engineering, requirements elicitation is the practice of obtaining the requirements of a system from users, customers and other stakeholders. [1] The practice is also sometimes referred to as requirements gathering.

The term elicitation is used in books and research to raise the fact that good requirements can not just be collected from the customer, as would be indicated by the name requirements gathering. Requirements elicitation is non-trivial because you can never be sure you get all requirements from the user and customer by just asking them what the system should do. Requirements elicitation practices include interviews, questionnaires, user observation, workshops, brain storming, use cases, role playing and prototyping.

Requirements elicitation is a part of the requirements engineering process, usually followed by analysis and specification of the requirements.

Before requirements can be analyzed, modeled, or specified they must be gathered through an elicitation process. The most commonly used elicitation process is to carry out meetings or interview. The first one with the software engineer and customer where they can discuss over the topics of the requirements.

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